MIP can download many program prerequisites automatically via the mip download application mip download. Each pipeline has a yaml file where available references are specified (rd_dna, [rdrna](( and the API is described here.

To download the references using MIP, run:

$ mip download --reference_dir <reference_dir> --config <download_config>

This will submit SLURM jobs that automatically downloads all references specified in the config that is not already present in the reference directory.

For a full list of download options, run:

$ mip download --help

Updating a reference

Open the download config corresponding to your pipeline and update or add a new version_tag in the reference hash. Update the same version tag together with any metadata changes in the reference_feature hash, see the API for details. Run the same mip command as above to download your updated reference.

To include the changes in the analysis - add your reference to your mip config.yaml file where appropriate.

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