Version: 1.0.0

MIP stores the information on file object IO in the io sub-level hash located in file_info. The io hash has three hash reference keys: in, out, and temp with identical sub-level keys. Setting either in or out also sets temp.

File objects

  1. "a/dir/file_1.1.txt"

  2. "a/dir/file_1.txt"

  in {file_paths: [  "a/dir/file_1.1.txt"
      file_suffixes: [ ".1.txt"
      file_path_prefixes: [ "a/dir/file_1"
      file_names: [ "file_1.1.txt"
      file_name_prefixes: [ "file_1"
      dir_path: "a/dir/",
      dir_path_prefix: "a/dir",
      file_suffix: ".txt",
      file_path_prefix: "a/dir/file_1",
      file_name_prefix: "file_1"
      file_constant_suffix: undef,
      file_path_href: { 1 => "a/dir/file_1.1.txt",
      file_name_href: { 1 => "file_1.1.txt",
  out {"exactly the same keys and types"}                  
  temp {"exactly the same keys and types, but with a temp directory base instead of 'in' or 'out' base"}                  

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